If you would like to buy an instrument please contact me by email or phone.

Payment is accepted via credit card, Paypal or check. All international sales are by bank wire only. Payment by check must clear before I will ship.

Shipping is handled by FedEx ground domestically and either USPS or FedEx Internationally.

For Amplifiers, they are sold as is. I do not accept returns unless the item was incorrectly represented.


1962 Fender Bassman with matching Cabinet: Clean bassman with cabinet, date code LC, 6G6-A circuit with solid state rectified and presence, clean rough white tolex with maroon grills and the very cool Fender flat logo, a few discoloroed places but no tears or other damage, cabinet has replaced speakers with 30W Weber VA12F150s, cabinet has castors with the orgianl tilt back legs and head thumb screws, a very cool and very quiet amp, recently serviced and filter caps replaced with high end Sprague's, 52 watts of power from this baby, to make the package really sweet the original covers are also included. EC- $2450 SOLD

1964 Fender Showman Head: JAN 1964 with blond tolex and wheat grill, Tube chart AA763 date code NA, chassis serial number A00127, transformers all stock and 63 date codes, all original amp, no changes, includes mounting hardware for combo, original 2 prong cord, nice clean head with lots of power, EC $1475

1977 Fender Vibro-Champ: Clean all original amp, everythings works great, great for home practice and apartment playing, no foot swithc, EC $650

1995 Fender Champion 110: Clean, great small amp with 1-10". gain switching
amplifier, common equalization section consists of TREBLE and BASS controls in
addition to Fender’s exclusive MID control, gain and normal channels with reverb, footswitch included, EC $110



1973 Marshall 50W lead head: Model 1987, Plexi style with transition printed circuit board, large box, all original xfrms, September '73, missing back panel and old reapired hole in side for fan (why did everyone do this?), in nice shape, $1850 SOLD

1975 Marshall JMP 50W Head: 50W big box from the JMP series. Old style features in nice shape with all orginal parts. $1750 SOLD


1960 Silvertone Model 1432: Very cool retro amp, 10 Watts, 2-6V6s, tremolo, 12" speaker, in nice shape, all original, sounds great and is a killer studio amp, has 2 rubber feet and may be missing 2, no footswitch for trem. $435 SOLD

Vox V9158 Pathfinder: Nice practice amp or small for beginner. One tolex tear in the left top corner but otherwise clean. 8" Vox speaker, tremolo, overdrive. $60








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