If you would like to buy an instrument please contact me by email or phone.

Payment is accepted via credit card, Paypal or check. All international sales are by bank wire only. Payment by check must clear before I will ship.

Shipping is handled by FedEx ground domestically and either USPS or FedEx Internationally.

My return policy is you must be happy with the instrument. If there is a problem, even that it just wasn't what you expected, I will take the instrument back. You must cover shipping it back and it must arrive in the condition it left my shop. If that all works, I will refund the purchase in full. This policy has worked for over 20 years and I have had hundreds of satisfied customers.


1962 Fender Jaguar: First year in rare Burgundy Mist, highly figured birdseye maple neck, all original, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, frets in great shape, green nitro guard, finish worn and removed from neck back, checking and players dings, includes trem and bridge cover, way to cool! original white HSC in excellent condition, VG+ $5900 SOLD

1965 Fender Jazzmaster: Sunburst, early '65 L-Plate with pearl dots, in exceptional shape, little or no fret ware, includes case candy: original booklet and warranty card,original strap, bridge cover, case key, allen wrench and bar, 7 lbs. 10 oz., OHSC EC $5295

1969 Fender Telecaster Thinline: Ash body, original natural finish, restored from a late '80s hot rod job with active EMGs, original pickups both rewound by Lindy Fralin, original '66 date code pots and switch, FEB 69 neck has been professionally refretted, hole for removed extra string tree, turners changed back to original, jack cup changed to Les Paul style plate, all other hardware and pickguard are original, a players piece with that tele twang, comes with original ash tray cover, 6 lbs. 8 0z., new Fender HSC, VG+ $4650 SOLD


1956 Les Paul Jr.: Sunburst, Late '56 in traditional sunburst, nice chunky neck, frets in nice shape, player wear on back of neck, edge wear, one inlay replaced, nice P-90 with the "make a statement" sound, original parts, 7 lbs 11 oz., new HSC VG+ $6250

1956 Les Paul Special: Older original wheat style TV finish, converted to tune-a-matic and stop tail, tuners changed to Grovers, A true player piece with killer sound, original frets in great shape, TV finish in nice condition with not much wear, all other parts original including original pots and bumble bee caps. 8 lbs 7 oz, Newer Gibson HSC, EC- $6525

1957 Les Paul Jr.: Sunburst, nice clean piece, light finish checking, good color, all original, frets in nice shape, tuner buttons clean, 7 lbs 9 oz., collectable piece, '80s-'90s Gibson brown HSC, EC $5495 SOLD

1957 Les Paul Jr.: Another clean one that has tone to die for, Sunburst, nice clean piece, light finish checking, good color, all original, frets in nice shape, tuner buttons clean, player dings and some dings on back of neck, 7 lbs 9 oz., '80s-'90s Gibson brown HSC, EC $5295 SOLD

1958 L4-C: Sunburst, carved spruce top and carved back, one replaced Kluson tuner vintage '54, super clean piece, some board and light fret wear, no visible finsih checking, loud an resonant, no repairs or damage, 5lbs. 4 oz., original brown "Stone Case" similar to Lifton but nicer, EC+ 4250.00

1959 ES-330T: Sunburst, nice shape, ABR-1 with no retaining wire, all original, nice playing and great sounding piece, R series factory order #, big fat neck, newer HSC, EC- $3850

1959 ES-330TD: Sunburst, in very nice shape, including no wire ABR-1, bonnet knobs and amber switch tip, factory order number not readable, wide round '59 shape neck with 1 11/16" nut, Brazilian rosewood fret board, bumble bee caps, replaced tuners, light checking and minor player wear, no repars, bonus if your initials are "JB", 5 lbs. 13 oz., brown HSC that is a little rough, EC $5395

1961 SG Special: Cherry, nice flat wide neck, 1 11/16" nut, great tone and harmonics from the early SG P-90s, small repaired crack at jack, clean all original piece, feather weight 6 lbs 2 oz., orignal brown soft case with red lining (poor man's brown case) VG+ $5195

1962 ES-330T: Sunburst, nickel parts and nickel P-90 cover, 1 11/16" nun with medium neck profile, all original and in very nice shape, some player wear and some fret wear but finish is clean with very little checking and no major finish blemishes, 5 lbs. 7.5 oz., HSC, EC- $3175

1963 SG Special: Cherry, nice wide neck 1 11/16" nut, frets in nice shape, adjustable Tone Pros bridge installed for intonation, original wrap around in case, great sounding, balanced pickups, tuners replaced with new Klusons, originals in case, no drilling, some edge wear but overall excellent condition, 5 lbs. 15 oz., '70s purple lined case, EC- $4350

1964 Melody Maker: Sunburst, double cut away style, single pickup, nice shape with player wear, nice fat neck 1 11/16" nut, HSC, VG+ $1125 HOLD

1965 ES-175TD: Sunburst but more of a soft brown (photos bring out more red than true color), all original, nickel parts, 1 11/16" nut, Brazilian rosewood board with some board wear, fine lacquer checking in finish front and back, some player dings, wonderful sounding and playing piece, OHSC but tolex gone and painted black, case is fully functional, VG+ $5195

1965 Trini Lopez Standard: Cherry, transition piece, some nickel parts, bigsby, early style pat # pickups, old small headstock repair, nice fat neck, 1 11/16" nut, minimal fretware, overall excellent condition, an affordable 335, OHSC EC- $5450

1968 Barney Kessel Custom: Cherry sunburst, all gold parts, Pat# pickups, some figuring on both the top and the back, nice flamed neck, 1 9/16" nut, bow tie inlays, factory gold Grovers, only minor player wear to frets, all original, clean piece with a Guild HSC that fits the guitar perfectly, EC $3950

1973 Les Paul Deluxe: Goldtop with no checking, nice piece weighing in at 9 lbs, 9.6 oz, 3 piece neck, pancake body, small repair at top of the headstock (no breaks), tone pots original D/C of 7344, volume pots replaced with ' 86 pots, caps also replaced, player fretware but plenty of metail left, great sounding piece, the mini humbukers really kick, HSC, EC- $3150

2003 ES-345RD: Cherry, gold parts, with stereo vari-tone, 1 11/16" nut, rosewood board, in near mint condition, OHSC with BB King signature, EC $2750

Paul Reed Smith®

1986 PRS Custom 24: Vintage sunburst, beautiful flamed top, early serial number under 1000, T and B pickups, sweet switch, Brazilian rosewood board, pro refret, moon inlays, older original Schaller tuners, small heel, standard neck, one piece Milicom trem, played but in nice shape, worn but OHSC, EC- $4250 HOLD

1986 PRS: Very rare "Baby Blue", pre Standard PRS team built, nice shape with a few minor finish chips, yes it was played, T and B pickups, one piece trem, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, standard neck profile, moon inlays, small heal, PRS tuners, 7 lbs. 15 oz, OHSC, EC- $5550 SOLD

1987 PRS Custom 24: The ONE in vintage yellow with an extremely rare one piece top, standard neck, highly figured abalone birds, Brazilian Rosewood board, standard neck, one piece Milicom trem, sweet switch, "T&B" pickups, early Smith Ave features, some light player wear, weighs 7 lbs. 7 oz., original instructions, case key and adjustment wrench with clean OHSC. PRS has never really reproduced the hand done Vintage Yellow finish of the early Smith Ave shop. This is the one to own, EC $5495 SOLD

1987 PRS Custom 24: Black over flamed maple top, original pickups but not stamped T and B (third 87 I have had with other pickups), '86 pot date code, sweet switch, Brazilian rosewood board, standard neck shape (wide fat), moon inlays, small heal, one piece mil-con trem, weighs 8 lbs., OHSC with metal logo, worn with one side of handle bracket broken, functional, EC $2875

1987 PRS Custom 24: Black cherry first introduced as a color in 1987, nice flame but not marked a 10 top (star in neck pocket), standard neck, Brazilian rosewood, moon inlays, one piece Milicom trem, sweet swith, small heal, the great early "T" and "B" pickups, this piece has been played and has light scratches on back and fret wear, 8 lbs. 3.5 oz., newer (2000s) PRS case, VG+ $3150

1988 PRS Custom 24: Scarlet quilt top, scarlet color has faded to a raspberry, top not marked "10" but the top is exceptional, unmarked "T" and "B" pickups typical of 1988, all original with sweet switch and special ordered reverse trem route, Milicon trem, Standard neck shape with Brazilian rosewood board and moon inlays, frets are clean, player wear and some scratching on back, top is clean, 7 lbs. 10 oz, later 90's PRS HSC, VG+ to EC-, $2895

1989 PRS Custom 24: Vintage Yellow, nice top but not marked "10", Brazilian rosewood board, standard neck shape, moon inlays, one piece Milicom trem, small heal, sweet switch, standard treble and standard bass pickups, very nice shape with some player wear, 8 lbs. 8 oz., OHSC, EC- $3050 SOLD

1989 PRS Standard 24: Red metal finish, Custom HFSII in the bridge position, higher output than normal HFS (15.5Kohm), Vintage Bass in neck, wide thin neck profile, belonged to PRS sales employee, special order optional deep trem route to allow bending in both directions, One scratch in lower bout, otherwise clean, feather weight at 6 lbs even, warranty card and instructions for trem setup, and tuners , OHSC EC- $2350

1991 PRS Custom 24: Tortoise, somewhat rare burl maple top, highly figured "10" top, Brazilian Rosewood fret board, wide fat neck shape, one piece trem, small heal, moon inlays, Vintage Bass and HFS pickups, 7 lbs 14 OZ., OHSC EC- $2250 SOLD

1992 PRS Custom 24: Vintage Yellow, nice top but not marked "10", rosewood board, standard neck shape, moon inlays, one piece Milicom trem, small heal, sweet switch, standard bass and HFS pickups, very nice shape with some player wear, 8 lbs. 6 oz., OHSC, EC- $2650

1995 PRS Custom 24: Vintage Yellow, last of the Annapolis factory, small heal, small headstock, nice top but not marked "10", rosewood board, standard neck shape, bird inlays, one piece Milicom trem, standard bass and HFS pickups, very nice shape with some player wear, 8 lbs 5 oz.,OHSC EC- $2100

1997 PRS Santana 1: Vintage (Santana) yellow ribbon flame, Pre-’85 body shape and headstock (with eagle inlay) 24 1/4” scale, 24-fret (11.5” radius) fretboard, rippled abalone bird inlays, maple top (with paua shell purfling), Santana bass and treble pickups, tone, twin mini-switches (pickups on and off), near MINT with a small indentation in top, 8 lbs. 6.5 oz., not numbered, OHSC EC $5495

2006 PRS Custom 24 Employee: Natural finish on a highly figured top, 245 treble and bass zebra pickups (9.6 kohm, Alnico), set up with pickup selector and tone and volume, moon inlays, rosewood board, standard neck shape (wide fat) extremely nice figured mahogany back, signed by Paul, all paper work, played very little and in near Mint shape, OHSC EC $2395

Other Fun Items

1959 Gretsch Double Anniversary 6118: Late '58 early '59, Classic 2-tone smoked green finish, Filtertron pups, bigsby and newer bridge added, tuners replaced, ebony board with correct neck set, player wear but in good shape; neck finsih and back have wear sections, frets in good shape, top binding replaced due to the usual rot, a great players Gretsch, 8 lbs 2 oz, with original HSC in good shape, VG $2650 SOLD

1961 Gretsch Double Anniversary model 6117: Very clean sunburst model 6117, Hi-Lo Tron pickups, roller bridge, bigsby, thumb inlays, perfect action, little or no fret ware, all case candy incluing original hang tag, warranty card, certificate, original strap (white) original patch cord, case keys, near mint OHSC, Ecellent + $2350 SOLD

1950s Harmony Lap Steel: 6 string with tortoise fretboard, OSSC, VG+ $395

1977 Martin D-28: Spruce top, Indian rosewood side and back, clean with small ding in top, pickguard replaced and original is in case, OHSC, EC- $1750 SOLD





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